IPhones are good devices, no doubt. They are (arguably) the best smartphone devices, and the favourite brand of many people worldwide – to the point that saying they represent smartphones themselves is not too far-fetched. However, like any other digital device, they break – and this is where it gets tricky. Iphones are also known for another point – how expensive they are. Repairs cost a fair bit, especially if you decide to rely on Apple customer care and services. These prices however come down by a considerable amount if you instead decide to rely on a third party repair service, but in this case, you’ll have to look out for other problems too – because they are not official repair services.

Among the most common forms of damages IPhones suffer yearly, the below ones rank at the top (chances are well over half of all damages fall within the below given categories):

• Cracked screens – we all know a friend or two who goes around with a cracked IPhone screen – that itself shows how common this type of damage is. IPhone screens are made of glass after all, and a little hard fall is enough to crack their displays. An IPhone screen replacement fixes the situation in this case, and it is best if cracked screens are quickly attended to, for cracks in the screen can enlarge over time.

• Scratches – Scratches are not detrimental to the IPhone’s functioning per se; they just detract its cosmetic value. Any phone user will undoubtedly scratch his or her phone in some way or another (to the point where you won’t know how or when you scratched your phone), unless you’ve already equipped your phone with a screen cover or a protective hard case. If scratches really bother you (they shouldn’t though) a repair shop can repair them however.

• Damaged Home Button – this is the most common form of damage that you yourself can fix. It usually is the result of pressing the Home Button too hard (who doesn’t? Especially when you’re irritated) or pressing it with dirty fingers (again, who doesn’t?). This usually ends up with the button getting damaged or stuck, and it becomes unresponsive. In case the problem arose from dirty fingers, then a careful DIY cleaning of the button should fix the problem; but if this doesn’t work, IPhone repairs in Nelson or at an Apple store or third party store will quickly fix the issue.

• Water damage – dropping your phone in the toilet, dropping it in the pool, or even spilling beverages on it – we all have heard of these mistakes. As common as water damages are, sadly, repairing them is a very costly affair – even by the costly standards of Apple repairs. Furthermore, in most instances the phone cannot be repaired at all – you’ve hit the dead end of the phone’s lifespan.